What Clients Are Saying:

“I have been working with EWARE since 1998 . We were looking for a more manageable client database. EWARE provided a solution based on our needs. Over the years we have enhanced the database together – it is a much more robust application that has saved us manual work /labor hours. They are honest, thorough and really care about the client’s needs. When we have had questions/concerns they are always there to help and provide a solution/answer quickly. I have enjoyed working with them for the last 16 years.”

Karen R.
Transaction Processing Manager


Database Design and Development

Many organizations suffer from data overload. They have a lot of data but very little information. This is frequently due to many autonomous silos of data that are disconnected and often duplicative. E-ware can help organizations tame this data-beast by designing databases that can be utilized on an organizational-wide basis, while reducing redundancies and increasing standardization.

A strong database design results in a strong foundational data repository for an application. Just like a building needs the proper foundation to support the structure, an application also needs the proper database foundation in order to provide the desired functionality. E-ware’s database designs are robust and help to ensure that our applications will meet your organization’s needs.