What Clients Are Saying:

“We had no idea how to represent our business online but E-ware took the time to become familiar with our work and created the perfect website for our business.”

Lesa D.
K. F. Davis Engineering, Inc.


Web-Based Application / Web Site Development

As the Internet has matured, so has the user-interface for web-based applications. While web applications are still not quite as robust as a Windows-based application, web-based applications are quickly closing the gap with desktop applications in providing a user-friendly user experience.

The desktop software industry has many more years to mature and develop a pseudo-standard user interface. Web applications, on the other hand, could be considered in their ‘teen years’ and sometimes struggling to define themselves. Our web applications have the same primary goals as our desktop applications, to increase productivity and efficiency while providing a consistent and user friendly experience. While we keep abreast of trending interface techniques, we incorporate only those aspects that make sense for an application or bring some measurable amount productivity/user-friendliness to the application’s design.

E-ware has developed large-scale web applications for both commercial and government entities that have included both private and commercial applications. Additionally, we have designed and developed websites for clients in many industries.