Enterprise Integration

It is rare that an application operates in a vacuum; most likely, the application is part of a workflow that may involve other applications either upstream, downstream, or both. Additionally, in today’s dynamic business environment, workflow processes are not necessarily linear and may involve several branches and applications that work together in an asynchronous manner.

E-ware has a great deal of experience in building applications that communicate with other applications within an organization. By developing interfaces with other applications, our applications integrate into existing IT infrastructures and allow organizations to continue capitalizing on their past investments. Our interfaces help bridge the gap between different environments, such as Windows desktops, Windows servers, IBM mainframes, and Unix/Linux computers. We utilize technologies such as web services, XML interfaces, direct Application Programming Interfaces (API), and file-based interfaces. We work closely with each client, their IT group(s), and their outside vendors, when necessary, to develop the most efficient and stable interfaces possible.